Butte Creek School PTT Meeting Minutes

Thursday, May 12, 2016                                                                                                                                6:30 PM

Attended by: Jonathan Edmonds (President), Sara Bailey (Treasurer), Sarah Leiterman, Jennifer Draper, Michelle Kurns, Scot Kurns, Kevin Palmer (Principal), Peter Molodyh, Eliza Torlyn, Stacy Boost

  1. Agenda Review.
  2. Review of last month’s minutes and Monthly Financial Report: Minor corrections made, moved and approved.

3 Last Month’s Business:

  1. Posting minutes to Butte Creek Website. They will be submitted to Terry Woodall and she will upload them to the website.
  2. Garden Maintenance: Things are going very well. The beds have been weeded and prepared for planting. Trellis’ have been made and put up, peas have been planted, starts have been planted and are in classroom windows growing until ready to plant in the garden. More great ideas than can be accomplished this year. The kids and staff have been very excited. Kevin will order wood chips to be delivered to the garden over the summer, Michelle has gardening material that can be laid down prior to the wood chips to reduce weed growth between raised beds. Eliza and Stacie Watts are talking about having worm bins included in the garden. Eliza will meet with Barbara Saunders to learn how to best do this as she has several worm bins at her home. In all of the enthusiasm around the garden, there have been several ideas for fundraisers that can be discussed as we go on.
  3. Amazon Smile payouts…no new information to report. It is too early to see funds coming in.
  4. Picnic Preparations: We are on track to go. On the day of we will need someone to go get ice for the cold food table, we can use the big Traeger from the HS Football team.
  5. PTT Room: Due to the seismic upgrade coming up, the PTT room needs to be totally cleaned out and packed. During the week of the picnic, Katie Edmonds, Peter and Eliza will spend the day doing this.
  6. Principal’s Update: Enrollment 313-314. Silverton Christian is closing, we are getting calls from families within our boundaries to talk about coming to BC. Silverton did not win the Small Business Revolution (we came in second). Go to Oregonrising-org to take a survey about schools by the Oregon Rising Initiative. It is a great opportunity give input in how you feel schools should be. We have one opening for next year, Kindergarten, as Kristy Zollner will be off on maternity leave. Mr Woodside has been hired in a permanent position as Mr. Lamoreau has taken a position in The American School of London in London, England. SBAC testing is going strong. Next year there will be two fourth grade classes, taught by Robyn Barkett and Corinne Johnsen. Spring photos were a great success. We will do them again. The Seismic Upgrade is still progressing.
  7. Fundraisers
  8. Oktoberfest Booth/Preparations: Painting the outside will be in July. Maria’s Mr. Saranov has ordered and will install flashing. Stephanie is working on racks and a way of holding the cakes in. We will put together a sewing group to make German Themed aprons for the booth…Maria, Katie, Elisa, Jennifer D, Michelle, Sarah, and Stacy will welcome anyone else who wishes to join.
  9. McTeacher’s Night will be on the 24th of May. It is always a fun and successful night.
  10. Funding Requests:
  11. Johnsen…Backpack Buddies. We have donated to this fantastic program for the last few years. Many of our students benefit greatly from this and we are very happy to be able to give $250 to help their program.
  12. Kevin…Dan the Magic Man $100 approved for a magic show for the May attendance contest award.
  13. $50 approved to purchase mulch and tomato starts for the school garden.
  14. Miscellaneous:
  15. Thank you PTT for the Staff Appreciation gifts! They were wonderful and we loved them!
  16. The Rummage Sale was very successful.
  17. The Art Show is really coming along. We are looking for help with set up, clean up, and judging of art contest entries. You do not need to be an art expert to help. This event is going to be fantastic. It will be held Thursday the 26th.