Pick your favorite competitive event. Make the season last from September to May. Your team competes throughout the season and earns a spot at the World Championships. There are 6600 teams in the world, and yours is one of the top 300. Can you even imagine? Well that’s that’s exactly what happened with our Thunderbolts team, our very own VEX I Q team made up of four 10-year-olds. The members of this team are Kailea Buckley, Scarlette Leiterman, Christian Meza, and Edwyn Romero. They are from Butte Creek school, and they are all in the 4th grade.  The Thunderbolts have competed in all six events within our state; then came within the top 10 alliances after competing in Nationals (Council Bluffs, Iowa.)   Next, they earned a spot at Worlds! The Thunderbolts were the ONLY team from Oregon to compete. They competed very well, met teams from Ethiopia, India, Canada, Columbia, Chili, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, United Kingdom, Cherokee Nation, Bahrain,  and many states such as, Virginia, California, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Arizona, Connecticut, California, Washington, Nevada, North and South Virginia, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Hawaii, Alaska, Florida, and Texas, just to name a few.  As they competed, they were needing to communicate with team members of the other team regardless of spoken language.  Their competitions are based on cooperation, and cooperatively completing challenges on the 4’x8′ board.  What an honor it was to travel with these children and see them represent our school, meet people we would have never otherwise been able to meet, hear languages and share the experience with people truly from all over the world! Congratulations Thunderbolts! These children are only one of 5 robotics teams at Butte Creek.  Two other IQ teams (The Robot Weirdos and The Psycho Robots) also earned spots at and competed in Council Bluffs, Iowa at the Nationals Tournament.  Our VEX team, The Nerds, has also done very well. These teams are coached by Stacy Boost, Gary Morris, and Scott Blake, and supported by an amazing group of parents and adult supporters who have helped us earn the funds to attend both of these trips (bake sales, GoFundMe account, jewelry sales, rummage sale (coming this Saturday from 9-3pm at Butte Creek), donations, begging families for help, etc).  We were also able to receive grants from Oktoberfest, Homer Davenport Festival, and the Silverton Masonic Lodge.