Butte Creek Town Hall   August 13, 2020            Q & A



Q: Can we still change to online only?

A: August 9 was the deadline to request Fox Online. All other students will be placed in Fox Hybrid. However, there will be checkpoints during the school year when families may request a change in placement if necessary.


Q: How is the curriculum different between Fox Online and Fox Hybrid?

A: Both instructional models will use the Edgenuity curriculum and students will complete all assigned courses by the end of the school year. Fox Online and Fox Hybrid will have separate instructional staff assigned to each program, even during the first nine weeks when everyone will be learning online. The Edgenuity course outlines are now available here


Q: Can we have all the kids that go to the local daycare center on the same days since they are already exposed to beach other?

A: When we physically return to school under the Fox Hybrid model, most students will attend two days per week in stable cohorts (A/B) according to last name. Parents may request a change in cohort by completing the online request form. Here’s the link:  https://forms.gle/3jdPfzVwhfhLTwqv8


Q: Birth certificates for kindergarten kiddos, do you still need them or has that been waived?

A: The requirement has not been waived. Our secretaries will work with you to make sure all necessary enrollment documents are completed.


Q: What % of the school went online only

A: Currently, 22 Butte Creek students have opted for Fox Online.


Q: Are there any metrics out for returning full time to school? Or is hybrid the most time physically in school there will be this year?

A: Part-time attendance under the Fox Hybrid model is our goal for November 16 but always hoping for full-time ASAP.


Q: What will a typical school day look like for distance learning?

A: The District is working on daily schedules for K-5 and 6-8. Over the course of a week, students will have one live engagement opportunity per day.


Q: I know my daughter going into 8th grade feels she really needs an actual real teacher (in-person) experience for learning, and she is very concerned about not learning or meeting required learning to go forward to high school.

A: We all want to be teaching and learning on campus, in-person. Until we can return to that, an unprecedented level of teamwork between home and school will prepare kids for the next grade.



Q: I read that PE and recess will look different. Can you explain a little about PE zones and sharing PE equipment?

A: PE and recess will look different when we eventually return under Fox Hybrid. PE activities will be structured for physical distancing and minimal-to-no sharing of equipment. Middle School students will not be able to change into PE clothes in the locker room, so will be asked to come to school each day dressed for active movement. At recess, our entire outdoor activity area will be divided into ‘zones’ that are used each day by a single classroom (cohort) group. Cohorts rotate to a different zone the next day, and so on. All recess and PE equipment is cleaned and disinfected between uses.


Q: What happens if a student or staff get COVID, do we immediately go back to online?

A: Please refer to the SFSD Nursing COVID-19 Response Plan. Any decision to move from Hybrid to online would be made at the district level. The following link will get you to the Nursing Plan as well as Operational Blueprints for each school: http://silverfallsschools.org/2020-21-planning-updates/



Q: What are plans for the Oktoberfest booth? How can we help re-coup some of those losses?

A: Our Parent-Teacher Team (PTT) is working on plans to sell apple cakes and German chocolate cakes in our booth. Details on dates, times, and location of the booth, including how to pre-order cakes through the What’s Good? app, will be coming your way soon!


Q: Can kids take a test and pass to go on to the next grade?

A: No


Q: Will kids receive chrome books to use?

A: Yes, students will be able to check out their iPad (K-3) or Chromebook (4-8) to use for the entire school year. We’ll let you know when these are available for pick up at school.


Q: I have a kinder transferring in, but now am debating to home school this year. If school fully reopens halfway thru the year, can I re-register him halfway through the year?

A: Yes


Q: Will a packet option be available for the kiddos that struggled with devices last spring? Or not strong internet.

A: Only as a last resort. We’ll work hard to help families with solutions for reliable internet access.


Q: My second grader struggled with the iPad in the spring. As she’ll be in 3rd grade, can she use a Chromebook from home or would the iPad from school be better?

A: All 3rd graders will be issued a class iPad, but please communicate with Mrs. Bolduc or Mr. Brady to make sure everything is working well for your child.


Q: Can we attach keyboards to ipads, so our third graders can learn to type?

A: Our tech staff will consider options for this and we’ll communicate those to our K-3 families prior to checking out iPads.


Q: Any change in how the reduced lunch program works?

A: The District is applying for a waiver that would allow all students to qualify for free meals. Butte Creek will again be a pick-up site for daily meals. More info to come.


Q: Is there going to be some sort of “meet the teacher” virtually?

A: Yes; we’re considering virtual options since we can’t hold our typical ‘Open House’ event this year.



Q: Any kindergarten roundup?

A: We held our virtual Kindergarten Roundup on May 5.


Q: Do you know who is replacing Mrs. Barkett for fourth grade?

A: Not yet. The District put a hiring ‘freeze’ into effect for most positions over the summer, pending changes to enrollment. If/when the District allows, we will post the opening, schedule interviews, and hire our 4th grade teacher.


Q: I feel like my son has been on summer break since April. Will there be some pretty focused refresh time? Or should I think about holding him back?

A: Unless we were already having such conversations prior to March, holding a child back is not a good decision following the disruption to the last three months of school. Teachers factor in review time at the beginning of school even under normal circumstances, so that will happen this year as well.


Q: How often will kids receive support services such as Title 1, ELD, LRC, or Counseling?

A: The schedules and formats for kids to receive additional support from our specialists are in progress. Services during online learning will look different than when we return in-person under the Fox Hybrid model.