Here is a link to the PDF version of the Title 1 Plan:  Butte Creek Schoolwide Plan Tasks for 2021-22 (002)

Butte Creek Schoolwide Plan Tasks for 2021-2022




Responsible Staff Target Date Notes
Inclusive Policy and Practice

5.2- Identify and Remove Barriers to Success


Barriers to advancement, participation, and opportunity are identified and replaced with inclusive and equitable practices in all settings.

Schedule professional development for teachers on the topic of trauma informed instruction Kevin



June 2020, delayed by COVID, still a high priority in 2021-22, hoping to begin implementing in spring 2022 This was a priority pre-COVID, and has taken on new meaning in 2021-22 as we recognize that our students and staff have all experienced trauma since 2020. Julia and Sara will meet and look at the PD modules available to us on the district purchased 3-2-1 Insights program to decide which would be good to show staff at meetings starting in March 2022
Schools will begin screening all K/1 students for dyslexia markers at least once per school year Sara June 2020 Sara and Barb assessed all of the BC K/1 students with the STAR CMB dyslexia screener. The Dyslexia Task Force team for the district is creating letters for schools to send home notifying families of any red flags that were identified with the screener. These are to be sent home before or at spring conferences. Talking points for teachers are in progress as well. Students with red flags can be reassessed in April/May if the teachers would like.
Create restorative practices we can implement with behavior management and review   June 2020, delayed by COVID, moved to June 2023 The team agreed this is too much to take on during 2021-22 with all of the additional stress COVID has brought to the year. We will need staff trainings to implement this. To start moving towards this, we have “think sheets” on the back of the student referrals, depending on grade level. When we implement next year, this will likely include after school/recess groups and options room processes.
Well-Rounded, Coordinated Learning Principles

4.3-Cultivate Academic Success


Student attributes and beliefs are cultivated to instill a sense of personal growth and responsibility.

Parent outreach PBIS Julia


Feb 2019-changed to June 2020 at 11/21/19 SC mtg, delayed by COVID, brought back 2/21 Decided to pilot our own parent brochure, as we do not have a timeframe for one from the district. Completed June 2021. GK translated to Spanish. It will be distributed at spring conferences.
PBIS video used during Danielson PD at monthly staff meetings-professional responsibilities and systematic supervision


Systematic Supervision videos will be shown during in-service week and at monthly staff meetings as applicable





Mar 2019-At 5/8/19 SC mtg we moved this to 6/2020, delayed by COVID, brought back 2021-22 and in progress These will be rolled into staff mtgs in the first 10 minutes where applicable with Domain 4…Not able to fit into staff meetings in 2018-19, so action updated to inservice week in August 2019 (5/8/2019)

PBIS intro/refresher at-Inservice week in August

Systematic Supervision videos at select staff meetings starting with February 2022

PBIS poster, signs, etc. Debbie/Natalie

Jon H.



6/2018-changed to 1/2019 @Oct SC

Complete 11/21/19

Classroom poster sets are now made and will be displayed by 10/31/19, COVID signage took precedence 2020-2021 and was chosen and implemented by the PBIS and LIPI teams
New staff training/PBIS Julia


Feb 2019-changed to 9/2019 @Oct SC, delayed by COVID, back on the tasks 2021-22 In progress- A PBIS overview was presented at the Aug 2019 all-staff inservice. This will be in the new staff orientation handbooks that PBIS is working on (see 5.3). Natalie Z., Debbie, and Jon H. completed the “live link” handbook spring 2021. Pieces will be presented to staff throughout the year.

“PBIS Spotlight” will be presented at staff meetings as Mr Palmer and Julia see applicable starting 2/2022

PBIS Spotlight in the “Little Bits” school newsletter Julia


Delayed by COVID, No Little Bits in 2021-22, family communication via Parent Square Kris will be talking with the middle school team about the possibility of middle school elective students writing articles and bringing back the Little Bits, Spring 2022
Well-Rounded, Coordinated Learning Principles

ORIS 4.5- Provide Multi-Tiered Systems of Support


Schoolwide systems are in place to promote academic, behavioral, and social-emotional success for ALL students, and especially for historically and currently marginalized youth, students, and families, including civil rights protected classes, by matching increasing levels of support to student need, goals, and in interests.

Revise and Update the PBIS flowchart Julia-PBIS Team June 2022  
Track Student Interventions and Progress


Pairs with 1.4, shared documents to track student data



In progress 2019-20, delayed by COVID, brought back Feb 2022 2019-20 Used data funnels as guided by Scotts Mills school Title 1 teacher Lisa Garrett, these were discussed at each early release PLC. Delayed by COVID and replaced by weekly and bi-weekly “CARE” meetings during distance learning to discuss student concerns (attendance, engagement, etc), then LIPI meetings, then back to regular CARE meetings in fall 2021. Data funnels will be used again to track and monitor student progress starting in Feb 2022, These will be updated and distributed by Sara and will be discussed at monthly team meetings
Implement 8th grade graduation assistance program Debbie



June 2019, In Progress 2021-22 This program was started by Debbie in 2019, regularly meeting with each 8th grade student on a “contract” at risk of not graduating. The counseling team met with students virtually during COVID as they were able, then implemented again in person in 2021-22. The team decided to move these interventions up to include 5th/6th grade early interventions with parent meetings for students of concern academically and/or behaviorally as a middle school team. Julia will contact Patrick Mulligan and Kevin Ortega to discuss SHS students coming to speak with BC 8th graders to inform them of high school clubs and activities to prepare and encourage them during their forecasting visit.
Additional student supports will be added as staffing allows, both before and after school Kevin




  A school team will come together to plan for after school supports as soon as possible. Several staff have volunteered to teach these groups. Before school groups will be held with the ELD team, and additional phonics reading intervention groups will be held at the end of Sara’s work day with 3rd and 4th grade students. Transportation opportunities are currently a main barrier.

ORIS 1.4-Distributed Leadership


Leadership responsibilities are distributed; there exists and intentional balance among professional empowerment, authority, and accountability.


PBIS New Staff Handbook

(in Butte Creek PBIS shared Google folder)




Feb 2019 (changed to 6/19 @Oct SC meeting 11/21/19 SC changed to 6/2020, delayed by COVID, brought back and completed spring 2021 In progress-

(Nov 2019) Barb R and Pam L updated the recess expectations for packet 11/21/19 In addition to the new staff handbooks, in building staff mentors were discussed as something that would be very helpful to new staff going forward


Specialists + Teacher + Interventions Kevin



(6/2019) at 5/8/19 SC mtg- this will stay on for 2020, as we are working on a new data team process that should help with this, delayed by COVID, data funnels brought back February 2022 Teachers will notify specialists in a timely manner of things that will take students out of groups. (Jan 2019) Specialists will meet regularly to discuss specific students on their caseloads, look at data (Behavior Data, STAR Data, Attendance, WESD Toolkit) and discuss observations. Specialists will be part of intentional planning process each year. Teachers and specialists are meeting approximately once a month on early release days at PLC data team meetings to go over behavior data, attendance data, STAR test scores, and DRA data funnels. 11/21/19,

Early release PLC’s are led by ED Ex curriculum mapping so data discussions will be moved to monthly team meetings

Yearly ELD Parent Meeting Georgenne


Lynette C

June 2019

Complete 4/18/2019 delayed by COVID then resumed in fall 2021

Held the first one 5/2018, (next one 4/18/2019) will hold one each year where there is a presentation and Q/A on different topics, with a slide show and dinner (Ideas-attendance, math, reading at home, etc.) Best way to communicate with Spanish speaking families will be discussed-flyers on the doors will not be used. Held 2nd Bilingual Family Night 4/18/19, 3rd on  10/26/21